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Mannaz and Isa

Part of my life is dedicated to spending time working with a local non-profit and this weekend is a big weekend for that. I will be working both my businesses and then spending time at a music festival for the non-profit. That's a helluva lot of time exposed to hundreds of people and their energy. I have been dreading the weekend only because of that and the busy schedule. So, to prepare myself for this weekend I thought Mannaz might be a good ally and then Isa came up too.

Mannaz has many expressions and one is that it can call to attention the concept of boundaries. It can usually appear when the circumstance is one of marriage and union but I think it can also be used as inspiration for this type of situation. I was reminded that a lot of my anxiety and frustration in groups like that can come from my lack of boundaries. Being reared in the society I was, I was always to to be a "giver" so that's a behavior that I am working on adjusting to be more healthy.

As I meditated on Mannaz, Isa also showed up in my awareness and I remembered that it is a great shielding Rune. It's fantastic because it can be used to not only shield your energy, but it can be employed as a crystal which can use reflection to keep you off the radar of those who might be too nosey.

Try these two Runes the next time you need to shield yourself. Remember though, this is about you staying sovereign; no one can take what you're not willing to give. That concept of "victim" is for another blog but remember that it is a set of chains that keeps us down, not empowered.

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