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Guidance for March & Review of Dominant Runes in January/February

(Taken from Rune Walking in Modern Times podcast episode 708 published March 1, 2023.)

Dominant Runes for February 2023


The term workhorse hardly covers the scope of this rune. It does lend us a title that allows us access to the wealth of knowledge held in the story.

The horse as a partner in accomplishing our work is very powerful. The horse can output approximately 15 horsepower while the average human can output a little more than 1 horsepower. This is another example of how we can work with, when we understand them, beings to help increase the power of our goals while working within the natural flow of energies.

In the greater collective or community this energy has been present since mid December allowing us the extra energy and opportunity to really get things rolling forward with a purpose. One of the things I like best about the intention and pattern for the daily readings is that it gives us specifically what the energy of Ehwaz would be best applied to today. We have had the guidance to apply it to our power of creation through breath, taking down old boundaries that no longer serve us and increasing our skills and mastery through education and practice.


Yr is the Rune of the Archer. That is a complex story filled with many facets and nuances.

There is a major difference between being able to shoot a bow and being able to shoot a bow that you constructed to kill an animal for food and other resources. The skills required to survive in a snowy, cold climate can be different from those in a hot tropical climate.These skills and this level of mastery are what Yr brings into our awareness of late.

This has been the time to begin leveling up. To begin sharpening your skills and learning more. Part of this is also learning that the animal you kill to survive also provides the means to kill the next as sinew and rawhide were options for making the string on bows. Of course I’m using a metaphor that speaks to hunting for food and survival. This doesn’t always need to be the case. What skills are just competent at completing? What skills need to be honed and worked more?


Os is the Rune of the Bard or Poet, creation and manifestation through breath and the weaving of new stories and tapestries.

Too often we are careless with our words because we do not understand the power we wield. Storytellers and Bards of old would construct stories to glorify and celebrate the accomplishments of kings and gods in ways that allow for the deeds to be remembered for generations. This relationship between creation and breath is a key in most cultures. Odin gave Ask and Embla breathe, the power to live.

I believe we, unfortunately, see the power of breath and words most in the way they are used to diminish. Our ability to tear people and things down with a single exhalation is remarkable. We must realize we have the same power to create as well.

What are you creating? How are you using your breath? What is your relationship with yourself in the way you speak about you?

Guidance for March 2023

When I sat down to connect and open the channel to the unseen I was not sure how this would go. As I sat quietly listening to the wind howling outside I was inspired to look at three threads that would be prominent in the month of March for the community at large. I reached into my velvety black bag and began pulling Runes from it. I pulled three Runes, one for each of the threads; Stan, Wunjo and Ehwaz representing Foundations, Joy and Forward Momentum respectively. After that I pulled three Runes for each thread asking for advice from the Nornir. After all, they are responsible for ordering the threads.

Let’s begin with Stan and Foundations. As we venture through the month of March we can work on our foundations, the things that support and hold us as we interact with the worlds around us. This month our own truths should be based on our experiences of victory, illumination and inspiration. Do not try to force another person’s foundation to be yours, these are sure to fail you. If you build foundations based upon your experiences you will have a greater feeling of connection as a whole entity. You are an individual and unique. The way you build your foundations will not be the same as others and that’s ok. It is less work to build your own than to adopt the foundations of others that do not work over and over again.

The next thread is Joy and the ecstatic experience we find when we are living are whole beings. The most important expression here is that joy is not a constant nor can it be. The thing keeping us from joy this month is our resistance to the flow of life. Joy comes and goes. Go with the flow and try to be more open to having experiences that you’ve not had before. Joy will not come to you. If you are seeking joy and this feeling you have when you are in alignment then you must go after it. Put in the work. The intensity and length of time this feeling of alignment, or joy, lasts is proportional to the effort put into it. And this month is a great month to receive the pay off and results of the work.

The final thread we will discuss is Forward Momentum. Now as I spoke about earlier, Ehwaz has been and continues to be the force present around us. For March, the wisdom of Ehwaz and the potential for forward momentum should be applied to our quest for alignment. Yup, it circles back around to the first and second threads we spoke about. This alignment of our soul, parts, or joy, allows us to know when we have found a truth, another brick in the foundation, if you will.

So, set goals developing your own way of interacting with the world, your own ethics statement or code of conduct. Your indication that you have found one will be the joy felt when the alignment is present. Remember, the alignment we are talking about here is the alignment of your soul parts and being to work as one. Put in the time and effort, it will be rewarded.

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