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Insight and Guidance for April 2023

(Taken from Rune Walking in Modern Times podcast episode 712)

Welcome back to another experience of Rune Walking in Modern Times. I’m Kenn, the Rune Walker. As most of you already know, I conduct intuitive Rune readings for clients who come to me seeking clarity or guidance with things in their lives that aren’t working well. I also provide daily Rune Guidance videos on my YouTube Channel as well as weekly guidance through a subscription on my website.

The guidance given comes from my relationships with the Runes, Yggdrasil, Odinn, the Nornir, my Ancestors and other beings as well as my psychic abilities. It may be a little like your mobile phone. The phone works well and when we install other apps we get to do other things. I’m the phone and the apps are the things I mentioned previously.

For this episode, I would like to conduct a divination for the collective concerning some major threads prevalent during the upcoming month, April 2023. For clarification, the threads I’m talking about are the threads that make up the tapestry that is our general collective. We each have individual tapestries and we access those during one-on-one sessions. Today, let’s look at the collective or community at large. I will be sharing with you which Runes are present so that we can see the connections made between them.

I sat down and began with the intention of looking at three threads. I have a process and I also try to allow for some flexibility in this. I began by pulling three Runes to represent the first thread. I see the threads as having three parts all each represented by one of the Nornir: Urd (past), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (future). On my Post-it note I drew a grid, three by three. Each horizontal row is a thread. After the first three filled into the top row, I put them back into the bag to draw for the next. As I searched the bag for the next Rune the middle square of the grid was illuminated. I use those words because that is what the experience was for me. It didn’t actually visibly glow, though. I knew that’s where that rune was supposed to go instead of the beginning of the second row. This was unexpected. It did remind me to pay attention to the flow and not force everything into tiny little boxes. I continued pulling until the nine boxes were filled. However, the last rune pulled ended up being two runes. One was caught on the outside of my hand between the bag and my skin. So I pulled it out as well.

I sat quietly for a minute until I felt ready to see the extra rune. I turned it over and it was Ior. Ior is the Rune of liminal space, boundaries, the subconscious and Jormungand, the World Serpent. Kind of appropriate, no?

As I sit with this Rune in the context of looking into April 2023 for guidance I see the movement back and forth between fire and ice, the liminal space of spring and the release of old boundaries and ideas that are too small for us. We will see how this theme is or isn’t connected to the three threads we are about to explore.

First Thread

The first thread is represented by the Runes Teiwaz, Stan and Gebo. I will refer to them in the order of past, present and future. Remember that the more appropriate terms are “that which is,” “that which is becoming” and ‘that which must be.”

Teiwaz is a rune of truth, justice, courage, integrity and the god Tyr. Stan is a rune of foundations, stones, and can be an indicator that the next rune pulled is the keystone or central to the issue. Gebo is a rune of the gift, equal exchange and balance. How do these come together in the form of the first thread?

The first thread for April is about our interaction with other things, people, etc specifically in terms of the balance of give and take. It would be very easy to apply this to human interactions with the planet and ecosystems. Is it balanced and harmonious? Is it cancerous and consuming? Do you have relationships with family and friends that are all give or all take? How we interact this month with this balance has been informed and formed by a few things. I see the major one at play here is our ability to know what our true north is. Does your internal compass point to what you know to be your truth? Or is that little needle pulled to what other people want and think?

Our choices this month when it comes to equal exchange in all facets of our lives are made based on the work we have or haven’t done to know for ourselves what feels right and balanced in our emotional and instinctual centers of knowing.

What type of guidance does this provide to make April a better month for us? For starters, don’t blame other people when you aren’t getting anything out of the situation and you still keep giving. Figure out what is messing with your compass needle and fix that. Second, if you’re burning through your resources, consuming everything and leaving a desolate wasteland behind you, stop. This applies to not only our planet but also people in our lives. Are we building sustainable relationships that will support all involved? What happens when there is no more?

Second Thread

The second thread for April is represented by Inguz, Stan and Uruz.

Inguz is a rune of sacrifice, initiation, harvest, and Freyr. Stan is a rune of foundations, stones, and can be an indicator that the next rune pulled is the keystone or central to the issue. Uruz is a rune of strength, the unencumbered self, wild and the aurochs. So, how do these come together for the second thread?

This month, especially with spring happening in the Northern Hemisphere, we may be feeling extra lustful and feeling the need to break free of the chains that keep us from following our passions. The foundation for us being able to do this is centered around the idea of sacrifice. More specifically actively ridding ourselves of the things holding us back.

What do we do then? The thing to remember is that a little planning can go a long way. Take the to do list, if you don’t have one make one, prioritize it. Notice that the things that are passions and enjoyment are prioritized at the end of the list. Now, of the top priorities, which are really necessary? Which are things that we have accepted and adopted as priorities but they are someone else’s priorities? I’m not saying don’t pay your bills. I am saying to look at where you are spending your efforts on things that are not of value to you personally but that you have agreed to. These are the things that need to be shifted out of your life to allow you to not feel chained. Start to filter them out by completing the obligation or renegotiating the contract. It may take a while to figure it all out but it will be worth it when you can pursue the things you want without them being last on the list.

Third Thread

The third thread that will be prevalent this month is represented by Ehwaz, Jera and Ac.

Ehwaz is the rune of the workhorse, potential energy just needing direction and travel. Jera is a rune of harvest after hard work, the growing season and the mastery of knowing when and what to plant. Ac is the rune of the oak tree, endurance, sovereignty and Angrboda. How do these come together for the third thread?

Oak trees are strong and can endure much. They also provide food, shelter and other resources. This oak tree did not grow to be this in a short period of time. It began as a small acorn. It grew year after year, season after season. It could not be rushed. The same applies to our goals and endeavors. There are no shortcuts. We must put in the time and effort in all aspects of our lives, be that career, relationships or spiritual paths.

All of the threads seem to have a similar tint to them, don’t they? They work together to create a beautiful tapestry.

Thank you for joining me for another episode of Rune Walking in Modern Times. I appreciate your support. I hope that you appreciate and find practical wisdom for your life in each episode. Wisdom that can lead you from discovering your path to knowing your path and from knowing your path to following your path.

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