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Day One, Mani/Moon Devotional Cycle

Day One, Moon/Mani devotional, Full Moon

I thought when I opened up to the full moon that it would take me to my instinctual center, my gut, my groin, and access my werewolf or berserker self. That is not where I found it vibrating in my body this full moon night. The moon entered me from the top of my head and bee-lined it for my heart, the center of my body's emotional processing center. My heart pounded as I lay there in the tub, submerged in the warm water, out of the stern cold winter night. Staying present can be tough when caught off guard and when the body is feeling something uncomfortable rising up. It took me somewhere totally are my thoughts:

When a giant tree Falls in the forest It becomes the center Of a vibrational event Sound Boom Sight Crash Environmentally Felt in the ecosystem By the others It sends waves in all directions Tiny ripples and Then big waves Through the ground It may take some Time But it will reach And touch Everything

Mom You fell I was too far away At first I felt the Boom Crash Then Out of necessity I learned how to stay In front of the ripples The waves Always just behind me On my heels

I can run no more I let the ground Buckle beneath me I am overtaken And Fall Please don't leave me Did I leave you Did I abandon you I wasn't there I'm sorry

Now I realize Maybe That there was No other way Is No other way

The tide comes in And The tide goes out Always I can not Hold the tide I can not Go back to The old normal I have lost you And in that I have lost I am lost Because I fear Loss

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