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I asked my set of Runes, "Who has something to say today?" Berkana came forth from my soft red and black pouch. I love that she came through and that I was allowed to escort her from the darkness of what can only represent the void, the womb, the creation point.

Berkana represents the mother. This is might be interpreted by the shape of the rune exemplifying the breasts from which we are fed. Most times when Berkana is presented in a reading, it is to signify to me that there is something that needs to be nurtured or culled.

Remember that the Runes are far older beings

than we and also that they do not function

within what our society deems acceptable

There is a facet of this decision that needs to be looked at as a means of survival of the person, family, community. Our decisions and lives aren't always that dramatic of a decision but there is much to be said for nurturing something (relationship, job, etc) that is holding us back or even dead and we are only dragging it along our path. It is the discernment of the mother that can assist us in making this decision.

Some things are not meant to last a lifetime. Some things are not meant to walk the whole way with us. Find peace and strength in learning the ways of the loving, responsible and wise mother, Berkana.

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