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About the Book

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About the Author

Kenn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1975. He grew up in a rural town in Northern Utah, still residing in his great-grandparents' home.

Kenn has accepted the path of a Rune Walker and Shaman in the Northern Traditions of Pre-Christian Northern Europe, Norse and Anglo-Saxon. He provides services to his local and global communities. Kenn teaches classes and provides readings, guided meditations, and healing sessions.

Remembering the Runes and growing relationships with them and the Old Gods of Northern Europe has connected Kenn to the past and his ancestors that shape his worldview. It provides him the tools to enrich his life and truly access his essence as a passionate, free being. It allows him to enjoy living life one moment at a time while respecting and admiring the cycle within which we exist.

"In this life, I strive for harmony and freedom while pursuing knowledge and experiences to enrich and enjoy my journey. I desire to take on life’s experiences with ambition. I will honorably and resourcefully face the challenges placed before me."

Rune Walker

Know Your Path

As a Rune Walker in the Northern Traditions, it is my desire that we know ourselves better to be able to live more fully and experience less unnecessary resistance. This is accomplished through personal rune readings, written materials, classes, healings, meditations, online posts/videos and workshops. During these experiences I facilitate introductions to your undomesticated self, the Runes of Northern Europe, your spirit allies and helpful skills to transform your life. It is beautiful to see someone plant their feet firmly on their own path and see the fire burning bright inside them.

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Rune/Psychic Readings - $100/hour

Soul Map Readings (2.5 hours) - $250

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