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What happens when the Runes don't work?

What does a professional reader do when the divination tool they use doesn’t deliver a message? Does that happen? Or do we just miss the message because we can’t “see” it?

Today, I pulled out a little white organza bag. In this bag is a new set of Runes. These Runes are made of Yew bogwood from Ireland. They are beautiful, dark and rich. The surprise it that their weight is next to nothing.

I showed these to a friend of mine the other evening who said that they felt dead. I had not done a ritual to connect myself to them. No wetting with blood or cum. Just carried them in my pocket. I know he meant no harm but it got me thinking a bit. I had felt them “alive.” I had pulled from them and they spoke. They resonated with the current energies. So, what happens when we can’t, or don’t, receive a message or sense energies from our divination tools?

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