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Possession or Possessed?


Last night at about 9:45, I sat on my bed, looked around and realized I had built myself a nice little fort. I had allowed myself to become so busy with "have-tos" that I had little time at home to clean, organize, do laundry, etc. This behavior is a long time programming that I am working on deleting.

Owning a spiritual/metaphysical shop, I get the first choice of items that come through door and I have been taking full advantage of that. I have acquired countless stones/crystals, more card decks than needed, boxes, altar clothes, pendants...and the list goes on and on. The sad thing is they kinda just get to hang out; I don't get to spend much time with them.

So, I had reached my limit, whether that be by the grace of this eclipse season or anything else, I was fucking done with the mess. I spent 3 hours throwing stuff into garbage bags or boxes for give away or donation: clothes, papers, incense, oils, stones, altar bowls. It was time to let it all go...ok most of it.

After I had cleaned and vacuumed and taken things to the trash bin or the car for donation, I felt energized and free (yes, at 1 am.) I couldn't believe how much more alive I was and ready to deal with my more spiritual challenges.

I sat this morning on the edge of my bed and felt clearing that I hadn't felt in a long time. I grabbed the bag of Runes and before I reached in I thought of Fehu.

One of the most prominent concepts held in Fehu is that of worth. There is a value in all things and understanding that is of prime importance. We devalue items when we do not use or care for them. There is no energy exchange between you and the item. There is no purpose, no goal to reach together. These items require energy exchange. If this is not kept in balance, it can actually end up the other way around...the item owns you, you do not own it.

Are you possessed by your possessions?

Can you let them go?

Why can't you let them go?

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