Rune Walking in Modern Times

This podcast is about the Runes of Northern Europe; the meanings and my relationships with them. This a great show for folks who are wanting more information about the Runes (Elder Futhark and Anglo Saxon Futhorc.)


Psychic Medium, the podcast

Join Kelli Clair, The Spiritual Messenger, and Kenn, the Rune Walker, for all things Psychic Medium. They share their experiences as Psychics, teachers, mentors and advisors. Along the way you will pick up some tips and tricks for opening and developing your own psychic abilities, too.


Guest on The Boiling Frog Podcast

Tanner and Josh welcome true American heroes Kenn and Kidd, from the Manly Minds Podcast! The guys talk , cancer, survival, spirituality, religion, and the meaning if life.


Manly Minds

We are a podcast all about the Manly Mind. Unfiltered, uncut, and raw. We discuss what's happening in the world and the evolution of man. We step out of social norms and remove the boxes to discuss different perceptions, realities and ideas. Listener Discretion is Advised.

Manly Minds.jpeg

No One Has Time for Death

This podcast chronicles my experience with cancer.