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Symbols in the Sky

Before humans carved symbols on stones or bones, we saw them manifest in nature. They manifest in the leg positions of cranes flying overhead, the color and shape of feathers floating on the hot summer breeze and the smoke from our sacred fires dancing like serpents up into the dark night sky. Our ancestors spent years voyeuristically absorbing the patterns of the life cycle in which we exist.

The other day as I was walking out to my car to head to work, these clouds caught my eye and I instantly knew there was a message to be discerned. I was headed to work so I didn't have the time necessary to lay on the grass and absorb the moment, luckily through the power of modern technology I could snap a quick pic for later.

Nephelomancy, using clouds for divination.

I've thought about and looked at this picture many times in the last few days. The tough thing about a picture is that we can not see where the clouds moved, we only have a still shot which is sometimes all you need. I've seen several things in the clouds and so to help me with the message I asked my tarot card deck and Runes for a little direction. Before, I let you in on those, here's what I was getting from the clouds only.

In the center lies an interesting version of the Moon phases, the waxing and waning quarters seem to be eclipsing or upstaging the full moon. This concept has always been especially appropriate for me as I feel more energized during the dark moon and days leading up to and away from it. I am also experiencing two rattlesnakes below and below right of the clouds that look like the moons. Directly below the moons I see the two rattles of the snakes. The snakes are intertwined and and almost appear to be encircling a, what my intuition is telling me is a portal. Guardians of the Portal. So if these are the sign I see, I could conclude that I should prepare myself to encounter a portal guarded by rattlesnakes when the moon is dark. I felt this message was directly for me, but if I get others for someone out there, I won't call you out individually lol, but I'll convey it, I promise.

Now let's add the Tarot and Runes. I pulled one card and one Rune. In my deck, Fantastical Creatures Tarot, I pulled the Eight of Pentacles. The image is of Quetzalcoatl with the serpent and feathered cloak under the moonlight. The card can indicate professional progress with hard work bringing rewards and satisfaction. I think this is a good indicator that I will be doing some work in the near future that will bring reward. The funny thing is that about two weeks ago I planned to complete a ritual from the Celtic Magic book by Kristoffer Hughes to meet the Cauldron Maidens/Guardians...this is best done 6 nights after the new moon...starting to see the patterns?

The Rune I pulled was Gar. Gar has so many meanings and interpretations for me so I am grateful when the one (or ones) to focus on jumps out at me. First, it is the portal I use to open a channel before my readings. Second, I have been experiencing it as a well for quite some time, taking my place around it with the Nornir but more recently I am experiencing it as a cauldron from above; both are portals.

There are so many patterns to embrace and experience in nature and the world we live. Grabbing onto the energy of any dragon line will give us an experience...let's see where this line takes me tomorrow as I complete the ritual to meet the cauldron maidens/guardians. The signs all point to participating in it. I'll keep you updated.

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