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Ingwaz and Modern Day Rites of Passage

Quite a lot lately I've been engaging in conversations with my clients about their kids and back to school, not out of the ordinary for this time of year. So, I'm not surprised that when I asked the Runes who wanted to speak today, Ingwaz came forward.

On a very basic level Ingwaz, in its intiatory aspect, can represent the moving of maiden into mother by transitioning from a virginal state into that of being able to bring forth life. This is not all that it represents though. It can indicate rites of passage of any kind, marriage, driving, graduating school, leaving home, entering a new level of magickal abilities. Growing up a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I experienced rites of passage within a spiritual context as well as the "normal" societal ones. I'm unfamiliar with other religions but I'm sure they exist in them as well.

When you encounter Ingwaz in your readings or life, remember that it may be indicating a transition and/or rite of passage that needs to be completed. It is the indicator that the cycle of life/wheel of the year is in full swing and can be a fantastic reminder that our lives are much less linear than we believe and tremendously more cyclical and changing than we can ever imagine.

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