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My gloves are not gloves at all...they are layers of soil and moss, sweat and blood, bark and pitch. My fire has been dangerously hungry, shifting to find new momentum in the past year, even before the pandemic. I have been digging and scraping trying to keep it going. I ask the Gods if I will ever find that stability again and then remember I didn't want it. It takes time to find the rhythm when we've been taught the wrong steps, the wrong notes, the wrong instruments.

Hello my friends. It's been a while. I hope this finds you well. I have kept a few lines of communication open over the past year since taking down this website and I hope some of you have had them if you needed to use them.

There was much need for me to make changes in my life at the end 0f 2019 and I did...and then the world changed. I will be blogging here a bit again. I do have the podcasts listed on the Home Page of the website if you're interested at all.

It's nice to be back and again I hope this finds you well and and having gained more knowledge than you thought possible in our time apart.


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