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Follow Up to Symbols in Sky Post

So, what happened during my ritual to meet the Maidens of the Cauldron?

It was a beautiful ritual. I experienced the cauldron in a very different way than expected. As I approached the cauldron, the ground immediately around the cauldron flipped upside down, similar to a revolving door, but the floor.

I found myself in a dark forest that was so beautiful. The lines of the trees blending with the lines of shadow creating a swirling of blacks, grays, silvers and charcoals. I felt wonder and adventure.

I was introduced to Gwyn ap Nudd, the guardian of Annwn, the Welsh Celtic Otherworld. It was amazing. I was given this enormous horn to blow. I guess I should have asked first what blowing into would do but I didn't. Luckily, after blowing the horn and asking what that was for, I was instructed that it signaled the hunt beginning. I told them I couldn't stay to hunt but I would be back. The horn then shrank into a tiny pocket-sized horn. I was told to keep it and blow it when I needed to return.

I came back from Annwn with way more questions than answers. It was fantastic. I hadn't anticipated that journey which made it all the more valuable to me. I am grateful for it and look forward to more trips there. Do you think the cards/runes/signs foretold accurately what would take place? I think they did a pretty good job; there are even more symbols and meanings now than when I first wrote about this.

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