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Getting back into your body and feeling the experience that is the physical world.

I did not create this term "Endarkenment." I cannot take credit for it. But I can introduce you two and maybe you'll become acquainted...maybe not.

To me, the term enlightenment is not a final destination but denotes the beginning of the journey seeking knowledge.

Most of us begin this search for knowledge in books or online. Because we have been conditioned to do this, we see our ability to regurgitate facts as the end result of our search and many of us stop there. This is where I believe it is crucial to enter the #endarkenment phase.


Knowledge becomes wisdom when we are able to apply it to enhance our lives. This can be experienced in several different ways. One might be building and maintaining a fire for warmth. Another might be bringing #spiritual or esoteric information down into your body, moving that energy from your mind and feeling where in your body it vibrates or resonates. Doing this can also provide you with your own #pendulum, so to speak, letting you know if something resonates with you or not.

You are the answer you're looking for

Your body contains the genetic and spiritual memories of your ancestors.

We now exist in a physical world/society where we can run down to the store and get food or turn up the thermostat for warmth. These are things we take for granted. Our ancestors from as close as 200 years ago had to work hard for these items, some cultures today still do. I don't mean to say that we don't work hard today, some do. What I am trying to get at is that those things that are actually crucial for life are just given to us. We no longer have to hunt, build tools for hunting, build fires. We still use the term "trust your gut" but do we really understand that from the standpoint of experiencing it? Are we just regurgitating it? We must begin to exercise those "muscles." We must experience knowledge in our bodies not just our minds. We must become wise not just smart. It all starts with endarkenment.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more thoughts and questions sparked by my physical journey as a spiritual being in relationship with the earth, #gods and #ancestors from the past bringing knowledge and #wisdom to the future.

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