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Divine Runes

It should be clear by now if you've read my other posts that I am a mixer of divination practices. Today, I was a little early for opening the store and brought with me my Runes and also The Divine Circus Oracle deck. I really like this deck because it seems to be less centered around "spirituality" and more focused on the magic of spirit, mine, yours and ours. So, I proceeded to pull a card and then Runes.

I pulled the card first and it was this one, Alice. Alice brings with her the ideas that we have outgrown our current life and therefore may be experiencing some pains because it no longer fits. It encourages us to take the leap and branch out into new worlds whether they be new places, new ideas, new social circles. It states that it's time and it's safe to do so.

The appropriateness and timeliness is nothing but divine. I have felt "stuck" as of late. I get that there is a rhythm to life and waves and cycles of energy and movement but damn if I'm not impatient! Luckily, I have at my fingertips a wide range of intuitives to help me. I drew/through Runes for myself a few days ago and then asked my friend Ingrid ( for help in reading them because very few people are good at reading for themselves. Part of the reading included the concept that I needed to free up energy in order to move into some new kennings. Perfect! It all fit together. I then asked the Runes to guide me in finding these new "worlds." I drew Wunjo and Hagalaz.

So, how does this fit? Well, I'm gonna give this go and then in a week or so we can check back in and see if I was on point or way our in left field playing with the dandelions.

I would interpret Wunjo not just as a Rune of Joy but more specifically the ability to connect with divine consciousness. Sometimes when there is a Rune near Wunjo that has a connection to a specific deity, I need to look at the possibility of that deity wanting to connect or communicate with the querent. I feel very much as though Hela, represented by Hagalaz, is in my future and there is definitely lifetimes of education to be received from her. She has always been a constant in my work; actually all of Loki and Angrboda's children have. In fact, Loki showed up for a ritual I did in my Runes class last week.

I'll keep you posted on the progress but I believe there's much to be learned from the Runes through the eyes of the Giants and Rokkr; maybe even other Runes to be encountered.

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