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(written June 1, 2019)

I was a bit surprised when I pulled the Rune Calc a few days ago. It’s one that I didn’t expect, which makes it all the more fun to see where it will take me. Calc is a Rune of the Giants, as I classify them, not of the Elder Futhark. As I sat down to begin laying out my thoughts, a storm was rolling in and the wind blew fresh cool air through my windows and I felt the tiniest of raindrops on my skin. I thought of the shape of the Rune, or it’s signature if you will. I generally experience it with the three prongs pointed up but the image that rolled through my head was one of lightning. The funny thing is that, well two funny things: 1) the first time I encountered Calc it was with the three prongs pointed down and felt very much like two legs and a cock, 2) last Saturday morning I asked Thor and his mother Jord to ease up on his stormy advances so that our Saturday market would be dry and it was thankfully. It seems as though we will be talking about our relationships with the Gods and deities this week. Or at least starting there.

Calc has of course many facets like a well cut diamond or intricately woven Celtic knotwork. Probably my first serious experience with Calc was in Ireland. We were staying at a house on a hill overlooking Rathmullen, a small town in the north, and Lough Swilly which led to the open sea. Calc was pulled from my bag and I knew immediately that I was to go out back and fashion an altar to the Nornir. Yes I know I just said that I experienced it as male, two legs and a cock, I know. This is the beauty of the Runes and fostering relationships with these beings. That time I had experienced prongs pointing down and this time in Ireland, the prongs were up and there was no mistaking that the Nornir, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld had somehow been part of this Rune pulling. This is an encounter that has led to many interactions with the Nornir over the past years. Different lessons taught. So you see I now have that connection to Calc and that reference to draw from when I am doing readings or teaching. The Nornir seem to be pretty aloof...maybe is the word...I mean they are in charge of weaving the great tapestry of life and all so they’re busy. What I mean is that they have doled out information to me and I’m grateful because it seems always to have been at a time when I needed a breakthrough. Something that really shifted my life. Along these lines I have had Calc show up in readings to show that the querent has been marked by a God. The few times this has happened the querent was able to confirm that this was true. The connection between the God and querent was one that in each situation was consensual.

Let’s shift gears and look at another thread in this rich weave that is Calc. Calc can signify someone’s ummm holy grail so to speak and using words that I don’t love but convey the appropriate message. Your greatest desires and fulfillment. Calc showed up this week with friends. I guess you could say. I am also riding the waves of Othila, Gar and Ior. So what the fuck does that mean? I’m still finding out but I can tell you that I think in this situation it is a little of both of the previous meanings. I have felt very strongly that a shift is coming and it’s one that I’ve longed for. I’ll keep you updated but for now, there is a lot of energy being woven into some threads that will open up channels to growth within myself and my spiritual connection and also my chosen work or goals concerning teaching and reading the Runes. To rein myself in a bit and get back to topic, there is usually a Rune that falls near Calc that helps clarify the desires of the querent and that is helpful. Just recently I had a combination of Runes that told the story of a person who needed to find what that fulfillment was for them. I love this because it gets to the heart of what my goal is: sovereignty for all! Self governing, self contained. I went through a period of deconstruction when I had to really endarken the fact that life is what I make of it, my choice. It’s not in the hands of someone else or some deity. That was a fuckin rough period of time because in the beginning all I could grasp was the gravity of the phrase, “Life has no meaning (besides propagating the species) except that which i give it.” That’s heavy. That can cause a feeling of being lost. What you have to do then is take yourself by the balls or cunt whatever you have and make the life you want. Try new things. Figure out what you like and don’t like. What you want! You are responsible for your own fulfillment.

Following a similar path, I have had Calc show me that the querent’s cup in half full, full or empty. This means exactly what it says, my client was giving too much and never taking time to fill her cup back up. Simple concept, right? But one that most of us struggle with these days.

Let’s finish up by chatting about the balance of sacrifice or maybe honoring or respect. It probably needs more than one word to describe it. So, launching this week is another podcast that I’m very happy to be part of. It’s called Web of Resonance and my good friend Theresa Carmody hosts it with me. We dive into the current energies as we encounter them through the use of our divination tools on a weekly basis, the Runes for me and Tarot for her. In episode one, Theresa draws a card from her deck and it represents bounty. The card shows 2 beings gathering apples from an apple tree. In the design, they collect all of the apples and have left none on the ground. We had some great discussions around that so check it out. The reason I’m bringing that up here is this: they harvested everything and left nothing for the animals of the forest or more broadly, the ecosystem of life around that tree. Calc asks us to look at how we honor those we are in relationship with, specifically as it relates to our survival and existence. Do you take a drink from the cup of mead, pass it to the next person not forgetting to pour some out to honor your ancestors and gods? Or do you drink the whole thing and pass an empty cup on? What are your feelings on gratitude? Are you grateful? Should you be grateful? What should you be grateful for? These questions are so important for us to answer. Calc is a beautiful Rune.

Thank you for spending time with me at my hearth and my fire. I hope this time has strengthened your hearth and your fire. Let’s finish with some prose:

The Norns

They stirred me

They steered me

They help me find

They help me discover

my golden ticket

my orgasm

my climax

my wholeness

to honor my ancestors

to honor my progeny

my gods

to share the weight of life

of living life

of eating





drinking more

loving harder

share the wealth

share the hearth

share the fire

drink from the wells

in the roots

in your roots


drink from the same wells they came from

they drank from

they returned to

in death


drink up and don’t forget

pour some out

in gratitude

in thanks

in honor

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